ZENsational Ibiza !

Escaping from hectic everyday life. Having time and space for my self in search for inner strength. Enjoying beautiful flowers. Swimming in the oceanic silence of the early morning. Twittering of the birds. The splendid stars in the sky.
Completely relaxed?

This third trip to Ibiza was different than before. This time no partying in endless nights. This time the travel was within, an intensive quest to my inner most core. And that search was deep, total, breathtaking bright, beautiful and inspiring. Most of all the trip was instructive and set me free from unnecessary burdens.

The coaches created an ambiance where it was easy to be even more curious to myself, they confronted  me with my own opinions and ideas, gave me insights in what limits me and introduced me to the miraculous world of meditation. The heart chakra meditation, the constellation, the river that stood for my life, the burning question what if??? What if I did not change my career, everything became so visible and reachable.
During this week of coaching I felt gradually becoming more powerful to take the responsibility for my own life, I allowed my self to express my emotions. All this transferred me into a state of feeling free and fortunate. That feeling has not left me ever since and the peace of mind that I was searching for, is still there!

Much kindness,
Marjolein van Ommeren